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Coolest Features of Microsoft Office 365

There is much more to the work of IT professionals than just providing support where and when it is needed ...

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Wireless Router Admin Login | IP Address

Now router is a very common device which is at every home.But what is this device used for? Well a router is a device which helps to build up a connection between the user and the web world. Hence they are very much useful in every aspect. The routers used at homes are better termed as the residential gateway. But who called them with this name… no one. So they have been commonly called as routers. IP address is the default gateway of most wireless routers or ADSL modems. Routers are having software in them. They are called as firmware. The manufacturer of the routers updates them and you get the updated features.

Know about the routers

There are different kinds of routers- some are there which require cables and wires to set up the connection. Whereas the other ones can be wireless. Based on their being wired or wireless, we find routers in various shapes and sizes. Some may have antennas to get the signal while others may not have them. Now when we come to the manufacturer of the routers in our country, well there are many. Some to be named are the LinkSys, 3com, Belkin, D-Link, TP link and many more. But with a survey it has been seen D-link is the most preferred one in the people’s choice.

Why choose the D-link routers?

So here we share the most important features which can be guided by the D-link only.

  • 1. The range of the wireless routers is very important. If your are required to have the network throughout a wide area network, well consider it before buying it. In that case, D-link gives you the option of the AC wireless routers. They are best in connectivity and give you the utmost.
  • 2. Next comes the speed which is another important feature. D-link has been a long time when they have been in this wireless routers manufacturer. In that case you have to real time applications.
  • 3. Also have a look at the dual band connectivity. D-link provides you the best in the dual connectivity. Also you will get the single band connectivity, but the better one is the previous one.
  • 4. Are you looking for tri band? What is this one? You can add more devices for the connectivity with the single wireless routers. So why not prefer this router by the D-link.
  • 5. Also they give you the routers within an affordability range. You can get the routers at different price ranges.
  • 6. D-link are the multi tasker routers and they offers the multiple streams through out the house.

So D-link brings a lot for you. Some of the common models are the affordable upgrade, The multi tasker, The crowd pleaser, The monster. Choose any of them based on your requirements.


Coolest Features of Microsoft Office 365

There is much more to the work of IT professionals than just providing support where and when it is needed.  

True, they provide support functions but they also have to be highly proficient in the use of some relevant programs. Programs like Microsoft Office 365 must not be strange to them. They must know how it works from top to bottom.  

It is only by possessing this type of knowledge that they can provide the support that they are known for.  

Although the point of learning all about these software is for IT professionals to provide support, they also get to pick up some interesting information in the process.  

They are privy to information about the software that the average user is not. But most importantly, they can unlock and access some cool functions.  

Some of these features are: 

Work Anywhere  

One of the important features and attributes of Microsoft Office 365 is that it has been programmed to synchronise automatically with OneDrive. This gives users the ability to access and work on their files anywhere in the world.  

And the best part of this is that they do not need to be connected to the internet to do so. The only thing the user has to do with internet connectivity is to upload the reviewed file. Just like that, it is synchronised with all connected devices.  

The world is constantly changing in a bid to accommodate everybody. That is why features like this are being introduced into programs by software developers.  

Laser Pointer 

A lot of presenters using PowerPoint to deliver a presentation have grown use to the laser pen. The laser pen is used to help the listeners and audience members to keep track of what is being said.  

The pen is used to pinpoint the things under discussion and this could be a highlighted text, a picture, or a quote.  

This is especially useful if the picture being used contains more than one subject. The laser own can then hover on the face of the person being discussed.  

However, with the new Microsoft Office Suite, there is no need for a laser pen. A presenter can simply access an in built shortcut to create his or her own makeshift laser pen.  

All the presenter has to do is hold the Ctrl button, and then press the ‘P’ key. This simple move will turn the mouse into a pointer.  

Co Authoring 

Through the use of this cool new feature, every member of a team can work on editing the same document at the same time.  

Although this feature can be quite confusing at first due to the fact that there are numerous changes occurring at once, the user can quickly get the hang of it.  

The simultaneous corrections will be displayed and each correction will be tagged with the name of the author. This new feature has proved to be invaluable among field workers and they have praised Microsoft for such a brilliant move.  

With the use of this feature, there is no need for people to transmit corrected files through email attachments anymore. The back and forth move has been effectively outdated.  

Such a feature serves to improve the productivity of the team.  


The mobile app counterpart for the OneDrive program was developed by the same team of developers behind the Microsoft Office Suite and it was aptly christened OneDrive for Android.  

The application is available for download across all Android platforms. After downloading and installing the app, the user now has the ability to access their files stored on the cloud storage system and they can do this from any mobile device.  

Through the app, individuals can now work on a file from home, save it, and them access it via cloud storage.  

They can continue working on the document on another device, say a tablet, while an associate drive them to an important meeting.  

At the meeting, the same document can be accessed from a laptop. Thus, the individual can work on the document anytime, anywhere.  

Although the development team of Office 365 is not solely responsible for the innovative idea, their implementation earns them some deserved recognition.  

The program is a marked improvement from the original idea and its emphasis on convenience for the user has been lauded by many reviewers and satisfied users.  

Add A Signature 

There was a time when people had to print and sign documents before appending their signature on them. The signed documents will then have to be scanned and resent electronically to the right quarters.  

Not anymore. Some businesses still conduct their operations the old fashioned way and to them I have only one thing to say: you need to be introduced to Microsoft 365.  

With Microsoft 365, individuals can now sign through a mobile app. The digital signature is then sent via email and it can thus be extracted and inserted wherever necessary.  

This has helped to increase the productivity of businesses in no small ways and it has also helped in saving time of operations.  


IT professionals are an invaluable help when it comes to fixing the bugs that are inherent with Microsoft Office 365. However, that is not the only thing these support teams are good for.  

Although the features mentioned in this article have been around for a while, it took the intervention of certain support teams before the average user could be privy to the many amazing things he or she could do with Microsoft Office 365.  

Through the efforts of IT specialists, businesses can now utilize these features to increase their productivity and also to save time on proposed projects.  



The Best Online T-Shirt Design T-Shirt 

Of course buying t-shirts from clothing stores and malls can be a thrilling experience, it has started to become boring to a lot of people.  

For every shopaholic out there, there is one individual who is just plain tired of buying custom made t-shirts.  

This is mostly due to the fact that sometimes, the available t-shirts are just not up to the taste and specifications of the buyer. Some of them just want to design and create t-shirts according to their satisfaction.  

Thing is, buyers believe they can create their own t-shirts. All they want is the opportunity to pit their creativity to good use. They want to create and design amazing and unique designs for the t-shirts they wear.  

This phase is now coming to a slow end because the advent of technology had led to the development of several tools that are rapidly changing the conventional methods of shopping.  

This form of T-shirt designing has been equipped with functionalities and advanced structures that will help you in the profess of designing your own personal line of t-shirts.  

An ideal T-shirt design tool provides a platform for buyers to flaunt and express their personalities easily. These tools will five you the ability to work based on different colours, sizes and even Clio arts that you may desire.  

These tools have different unique functionalities and features. A lot of these tools are currently available on the mainstream market and some are even integrated with large stores.  

However, a lot of them have similar features and functionalities and only just a few stand out. A combination of this tool and the store allows the user to customize clip arts, texts, and images.  

With just a few clicks, you will be able to create an exceptional design for your T-shirt.  

Some of these features are: 

  • Multiple designing options.  
  • Editing of multiple colour artwork.  
  • There are several font options available to create format fonts.  
  • The tool allows user to zoom the design.  
  • There is a multiple category support.  
  • The created designs can be easily managed.  
  • There is a multi design support system.  
  • The designs can be saved and retrieved.  
  • You have the option of managing and choosing any shade of ant colour you want.  
  • The created designs are properly managed.  
  • You have the option of uploading images from your computer.  
  • Your clients have the option of choosing whatever printing technology they desire.  
  • The tool is relatively easy to install and its functions are easy to understand.  
  • It is compatible with 3D technology.  
  • You have the ability to retrieve passwords.  
  • The tool is very easy to manage.  
  • Customers have to ability to redo or undo their progress on the project.  
  • The tool gives customers the freedom to include artwork and the appropriate text on the T-shirt being designed.  
  • The tool allows you to utilize a 360 degree view. This gives customers the opportunity to  view the T-shirt even while it is being designed.  

However, it is advisable for you to choose a T-shirt designing tool, also called a product designing tool, that has been outfitted with a user friendly interface. It should be one that affords the user simple buttons that will still end up in very intricate designs.